Video by Mary Ocher

Perspective (Music for Movies) 2017
Leaving  solid ground and physical boundaries behind, ’Perspective‘ is the soundtrack for a solitary space-oddissey – a glimpse into an innocent terrestrian’s struggle with the unknown, a dive into a world of melancholic patterns and dancing molecules.

The Coconuts Club – Stranded (2012)
Music and concept by Jules Valeron

with contributions by
Jules Etienne
Antje Prust Can Gezer
Steev Lemercier

Additional vocals by Maya Alban-Zapata, Berglind Agustsdottir.
Cello on “Flesh & Bones” and backings on “Grow Together” by Maryz Blue
Beat on “Grow Together” by Yanneck Salvo
Additional synth on “The Great White Throne” by Rolf Hansen
Additional lyrics by Can Gezer
Cover Art by JessX and Peter Schmidt

Horizons Nouveaux (2010)
Written, performed and recorded with Jules Etienne at KottKott-Studios Berlin.


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Horizons Nouveaux