Photo About MeI am a french music producer and photographer living in Berlin

My self-released Debut Album Horizons Nouveaux came out in 2010 (as Valeron & the Coconuts), followed by Stranded in 2012 with the Coconuts Club, where I collaborated with singers and artists from various fields and my solo-trip Perspective in 2016.
Thematically I’ve been following the adventures of a light-footed Space-Traveler, who finds himself stranded alone on a desert planet.
In 2015 I joined Freibank Music Publishing as an author, accentuating my tendency towards making cinematic, atmospheric music for moving images. I am looking for the right label to distribute my music.

Besides my own musical activities I have contributed to other band-projects, mostly bass and backing vocals: Jules Etienne E Le Volpi, Lemercier & the Lala by and Variet.

In terms of photography I focus on portraits (mainly creatives), architecture (Modernism, graphic elements) and abstract forms.
In 2010 i had a solo-exhibition at West Berlin Gallery named ‚Cuba-The Sunny Side of Socialism?

I am always interested in new projects, be it providing music for movies, musical collaboration or shooting interesting portrait-photos.